Ines Mariel

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A spontaneous trip to Port Dickson was worth the 2 hour journey on the KTM to Seremban, the sun burns and the sore backs. 

The trip back to KL on the other hand, was horrible. I never knew that KTMs had a coach specially for women but what annoys me is that some people forget that they have balls. Somehow the womens coach ends up being filled with guys, and to make matters worse it was filled with low life immigrants who apparently can't read. I will give it a benefit of a doubt that they are illiterate given that they came from a less fortunate background, but I am sure they would notice the gajillion stickers of womens silhouette on the KTM walls? I bet you that they were inconsiderate enough to dismiss it as a sanitary pad ad. Still, if I was a guy, it would be uncomfortable to step into a menstrual designed coach, even though there wasn't actual pads on the wall. Or the fact that majority of the people in the coach were Females. Pfft.. this is why I am against public transportation. The LRTs are still bearable, but not the KTMs and the buses. 
You can easily catch an illegal immigrant on a bus and as a matter of fact I think the cops should start practicing it. Or do they? It's a brilliant plan come to think of it. There is no way they can run or hide, and even the most desperate attempts to escape would be to no avail because there would be cops around the bus. 
Or they could jump out from the window onto a busy road and get road killed. Either way is fine by me. 

On to a lighter note. My trip. 

If a picture is worth a 1000 words, let's just say that my trip was indescribably fun yet short. Can you guys believe the things we did in just one day?

This one sums up the day.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Tania!
It didn't struck me you were Indonesian, but loved the bak-soh =^.^=

So get this, I have never in my life met Tania before, and she is a mutual friend of Dahlia and I. Looks like I manage to meet up with a UNITEN student afterall. Funny thing was everyone that attended the party was a mix of something, not that it was important or anything but I find it amusing.

Yummy Cupcakes.
P/S : I am allergic to peanuts, but the icing was worth it. 
Don't know what this is called, apparently according to my Mum it is very much associated with Indonesian culture.
The B'day Gal
Practically everyone that came

I really am short! FML
Making the most out of a pool party 
I was suppose to be on a strict diet today, too bad for the yummy cupcakes.