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Monday, October 8, 2012

Hey dolls.
I'm on twitter, since I don't have the time to blog anymore. Follow me if you still miss my sporadic thoughts. 
Would love to hear from all of you.

Friday, June 8, 2012

I need to blog more, but I don't feel like it.
I'm sorry to everyone who would actually take the liberty of coming here expecting for new shit, but I can't do it right now. My life is too hectic and frankly I am physically and emotionally drained.
I might delete it, or let it rot in cyberspace. Whatever it is, if I do take up blogging again, I will alert the press... three years from now.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Popped my UD cherry, and for something as overrated and pricey as this is, it really did live up to its hype. No regrets and it definitely dresses up my wonky eyes.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Basically pretty much all the things I want in general, but since I am going to turn a year older soon....
There is only one thing, and one thing I can't help but want on my list...

Too Faced Natural Palette 
Any takers?
It will definitely make my birthday the absolute best.
*fingers crossed*

Thursday, April 12, 2012

J'ai rêvé un rêve horrible. Leurs visages, derriere la peau. Entire ce monde et prochain. Leur dents et leurs griffes sortent, essaient de m'attraper. Et ils sont avide. 

Et je ne peux pas les battre. 

Je me suis réveillé en hurlant.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

I know it has been a while since I last posted anything, and truth is I am not sorry at all. Not one bit. Well maybe just a tad guilty since I did promise myself that I would at least post something weekly or if not worse, fortnightly. Anyways the wait is over, as yours truly is here to once again lash out her own personal views about everything and anything you could pretty much live without knowing. Nontheless, for those of you who do come here looking forward to some of my pointless rants, I should warn you, this is not one of them.

As a matter of fact it is somewhat a serious matter I like to bring forward just because I feel so passionately about. How passionate you may ask? Well for starters this is an impromptu post. Initially I was just going to post a few pictures from Izham's birthday dinner, but since I have the free time, I will just sit down and get typing.

So about two weeks back as part of the religion class that I am taking, we had to join the community service. Just to make it more controversial and at the risk of making me sound like the insensitive spoilt arrogant bitch that most people make me to be, here is what I honestly think about it :
 It is a waste of my Sunday afternoon.
I could stare blankly into the four walls of my dingy apartment the whole day and still feel like I accomplished something and if it wasn't for the 20% that goes into my carry marks, I wouldn't have even wake up if I knew what the day was going to be like.

Before all of you start collecting stones to throw at me, here me out, and then tell me that you disagree with me. If you have a valid argument, then I will gladly admit I am wrong and STFU for once. But really, I thought this through and through, and I am standing by it.

First of all let me ask you how is it organizing a sports event serving my community, or to be more precise, helping in any way the orphans? And that isn't even the thing that I am going to bitch about. What I don't understand is why am I spending my whole afternoon cleaning up their house? How is this helping them because the way I see it, all I am doing is their chores. They have people coming each weekend doing the same thing we are doing, and anyone who is anyone (especially those who were there) can tell you that without a doubt, by the end of the day, the house is still going to end up looking like it was or at least I'll give it a week until the next group of idiots come and clean it for them.

 I get it, these are kids who do not have parents, and I feel for them, I honestly do. In fact I admire them, because I can't imagine how I would turn out if I was in their shoes and frankly they did make me realize that I do have it good because no matter how much I complain I am still very much bless with what I have, that I won't doubt, but that is not an excuse to live in the way they were living. I am a firm subscriber to the phrase "give a man a fish, you have fed him for today, teach a man to fish and you have fed him for a lifetime"and what these kids are in dire need of is education and I am not talking academically. Instead of having people come over with their so called "help" of doing their chores, why not have these people educate them on the importance of hygiene or being neat. There is a lot to teach them at the rate they are living right now, so I don't see how playing games half of the day can outweigh teaching them vital life skills when we all know they do not have any strong figures in their lives. Sure they had fun during the games, but kids would have fun with just about anything they can lay their hands on. I could give them dirt and clay and they will make the most of it and it is because they are kids. And as a matter of fact, it is because of that same reason that they need people to educate them on what is right from wrong and at this point it's not just hygiene, I am talking manners, etiquette simple social skills that would make them ease into society because they are no different than any of us, they just need people to hold their hand and help them, and if we did that instead of playing with water balloons I wouldn't have been so bitter and post this. So there.


Phew. Now that that's over and done with, look, pictures. Of course it wasn't taken by the fanciest camera, but let's all be thankful instead of whining so much about not having DSLRs to make our blog   look fancier or Blackberry phones just for the sake of saying "Yehh, you could bbm me later about it". 


Monday, March 26, 2012

For those of you who are already connected to me via Facebook, you would know that last weekend my friends and I came together to support our very good friends; H+D as the opening act for The Life Of Art programme @ Publika. The place itself portrayed an artistic life style, and since it was my first time there, you know we took plenty of pics.

Orang Gombak lah katekan. 

Anyways a bunch of other local acts also performed like Oh Chentaku and OAG, which was a pretty big deal especially for a production as mellow as this. 

My duck face at its finest
Duck Faces, mine was effortless.


Monday, March 5, 2012

The first time I ever boarded an aircraft back to my hometown was with my Dad. We didn't have much money back then so Mum had to stay behind while my Dad and I visited my grandparents. I was 3 months old. Granted, I did not recall the experience, but I soon grew a custom to being carted as I stayed with my grandparents until I was about 6. When school started I would visit them twice a year for Christmas and in the middle of the school year; which meant that I only stayed in school for about a quarter of the year. Life was definitely good.

I liked travelling alone. I never was a clingy child to begin with and even though I was carted until I was about 15 (or whatever the legal age that allows you to stop being carted), my independence in the airport was definitely liberating. The journey definitely made me feel more of a grown up even though I loved specifying my on board meals to "the children special" comes with a sugary treat and a high sodium meal, what was not to like? As soon as I said my goodbyes I was a free man. I could do pretty much anything I wanted. I could buy all the candies and chocolates at the duty free store and no one could stop me. I could order as many fizzy drinks I want or stay up during the whole 8 hour flight...I could run around in circles at the airport and there won't be anyone telling me to behave (not that I did, but I could). I was such a badass...

I remembered a particular flight to Sydney where I met this lady who was seated next to me. I remembered her the most because I was lying to my teeth about the fact that I had 59 cats back home. All she did was humor me and offered a butterscotch candy in between my story telling and when I do get tired from talking she would help me color in the pages out of the activity book that came with the fun pack they normally distributed to kids. I remembered how enthralled and attentive (she might pretend to be, but nonetheless very convincing) she was listening to my made up stories even though I am pretty sure all she wanted to do was to get a shut eye, or shoot my brains out. Thank god she didn't. Unfortunately though, it made me never want to stop talking to her. It was nice being heard and it still is. Amazing how the most minute actions can still make you all warm and fuzzy inside.

She was pretty old when I knew her, so I am pretty sure she would be gone by now (bless her soul) and even though I can't remember her name, I could still recall what a pleasant person she was and how she would make a very good grandma to some lucky kid out there....not saying that my grandparents weren't equally pleasant.

I was lying on my bed the other day reading a book (fine, a magazine), and all of a sudden I was struck by images of her and it brought me back to my juvenile years. Full of energy and so animated... I mean, I still am now, just not as carefree as I used to be. It is pretty hard to describe this feeling, but what I do know is the simplicity of your childhood definitely leaves an absence or an emptiness in your life that you know can never be fulfilled. If I could I would go on all day about my childhood, despite my situation right now, I truly did have a good one. I was never deprived off the things I wanted and was blessed to have experienced what most could only dream off while being surrounded with so much love. For that, I am very thankful because even in my darkest hour I could still fall back to my days as a child and be assured that no matter what, everything is going to be okay.

And I know it will.


Friday, March 2, 2012

My newly shrunken-ed jeans. 
Because of my allergies, I often find myself repelled from anything that contains the slightest amount of peanuts, or any other kind of nuts for that matter. Hence I have never in my entire life dipped my satays in the special sauce it comes with or tasted a macadamia cookie, and peanut butter is no exception until I recently tried it due to hunger pangs and the fact that I was too lazy to get dress to buy anything from the food stall near my apartment.
Hence the suicide began.
It was death by nuts or death by hunger and I was certain I didn't want my death to be caused by the latter, so I took the plunge and took a my first bite of a peanut butter sandwich.
Words cannot describe how it tasted in my mouth, all chewy salty sweet and rich, basically it was like having unicorns vomit rainbows in my mouth while a leprechaun farts gold dusts in it. It was fucking magical I tell you and I can't believe I have been missing this heavenly snack all this time. 
Apart from chocolates of course, but that is a different story.
After about 6 slices and a few hours to digest it, I realized "Hey, I don't feel the slightest bit itchy in any areas of my body", and that was when I realized that I might not be allergic to peanut butter...but that is as far as my devil-may-care attitude will go. I can't remember the date, but I did remember that that was my first and last time I had a peanut butter sandwich (or eight if you are still counting).
So about a semester later (a week ago) as I was doing my grocery shopping I stumbled upon a jar of peanut butter in the table spread aisle and decided to get myself one. I didn't have any bad reaction to it the last time, so what is the harm now. Of course a small one is not enough, so I decided that the big one would be an investment especially on days that I don't feel like leaving my house or if it was 3 a.m. and I wasn't asleep yet and needed something to snack on so that I would continue doing whatever I was doing. So yes fast forward to today, I have never go on a day without having a peanut butter sandwich and so far no allergic reactions yet, thank god.
By now you would be wondering, "why, oh why are you dedicating your post to peanut butter besides the fact that we all know it is delicious and not forgetting fucking fattening?"....well I will tell you why you calorie counting eejits.
And a disclaimer before I go on. Organic peanut butter has waaaaaay more nutritional values as oppose to manufactured ones.... but let the rich decide that.
First of all regardless of what you may heard, and I admit I actually believed this too, peanut butter is in fact a very healthy snack. Yes, it is one of the most fattening foods (apart from fried ones) you could think off and because of this it is not a viable snacking option to many, but people tend to forget that they contain monounsaturated fat which is basically the "good" fats that keep the bad cholesterols at bay. Of course if you use this as an excuse to gobble up a whole tub in one day and come to me with a cudgel because you gained weight, be reminded that fats are still fats. Eat a whole lot of it, and you will get fat. Simple 
Another amazing benefit that makes this magical gunk even more magical is the fact that it is high in fiber and protein. So not only do you expose your waste (shit) better, you get the proteins you need in your diet especially if you are a vegan. Of course I could never be a vegan, but it is nice to know you have options on days where you feel like slaughtering animals are too cruel.
And if you are in any form of diet or trying to get into your bikini body because you will be going to Penang by June don't be startled when you read the nutritional values on the side of the tub. Despite its calories it fills you up a lot more than other healthy snacks such as raw nuts, granola bars or tea, so you don't really feel like eating your whole pantry at the end of the day. 
So there you have it. A dedication to my new love; peanut butter. And if you are still in doubt click here for an article regarding foods that should be in your diet. Because if it is on the internet it must be true. puahahahaha. 
I shall now end it with a "I think I am cute" picture with my tongue sticking out and my hands as ears.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

My wardrobe

The road to true fitness isn't an easy one. Unless you commit to it and really want it, you will never get there...just like everything you aim for in life. People come up to me in the gym and go "Oh but you are already so skinny". The answer is no. I am not doing this to be a stick figure, I am doing this for my health. Treat your body well and it will pay you back... for example it will look better in a bikini.

Speaking of bikinis, I get mine from Woopzbikinis & Beachwear.
Since I have the body of a 10 year old boy, it is a no brainer that I lack in the boob department and buying bikinis are the worse. Thankfully the bikinis they supply cater to petite frames like mine. I love the fact that their designs are very flattering and simple....and best of all very affordable. 

Oh and my experiment to shrink my jeans worked. It was a spontaneous project, but since my mind can't stop wrapping the fact that my new pair of jeans is so loose on my waist when it is suppose to be a high waisted pair, I knew I had to take the risk. For those of you who are interested in shrinking your jeans, you can follow these easy steps. It will go down a size or two, depending on how often you do it. Right now it is the perfect fit, so no complains.

1. Soak your desired jeans into hot water. And I mean motherfucker-that's-hot-like-the-sun hot, for around 20 minutes.
2. Put it in the dryer for 40 minutes. The high heat will actually shrink it, god knows how, but it works.

Tadah, and you will notice the difference. If you don't, do it a couple of times until you are happy with the fit. If you are still unhappy after the 567th time that you repeat these steps, stop being so cheap, and get a new pair. Hahahahahaha. See? It's funny, cuz I called you cheap. 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

One of the downside of exercising and toning up is the anticipation of fat loss. I am a person who burns fat easily with what my "rigorous" workouts that my new shorts don't fit me as well as it did when I bought them two weeks back.  That's RM100 down the drain for ya, unless there is someone out there who can fit into a size 4. I am currently a size 2 now. Losing ass mass, which is far from what I want. =(

On a lighter note, my love for blinged things is still going strong. That is why I have a pair of blinged earphones. That's how hip-hop I am, son.

Monday, February 13, 2012

This is probably my most basic look. A tank top and a pair of shorts definitely screams "Not doing much today but following my Mum around". 
It is so unlikely of me to buy a pair of flat oxfords since it deprives me of height but at the end of the day comfort will always come before vanity. I am not short, I am fun sized.

Anyways, it is that time again to bitch about random stuff, and today's bitching is about stupid propagandas like these going around the internet :

Like fuck, seriously? Coming from an individual who is pretty much lacking in the boob department I am offended, because unlike getting into a size zero you can't just magically wish for your boobs and butt to grow. There is no magic pill out there that instantly changes your body that drastically without altering it's weight. Sure the only way other than going under the knife is to add a few extra kilos, but what female wants to put on weight? It's a lose-lose situation, a two for one deal. Get ass, get muffin top. Get jugs, get fat thighs. And that is if you are lucky enough that the food goes to the targeted area.
Everybody is born in different shapes and sizes, like it or not, you can't change it. Even if you had all the lipo in the world you can't alter your body structure, just like you can't change your height increase or decrease your height without  compromising your health. Sure there are surgeries out there (i'm talking about height here) that makes you taller, but have you seen the agony the patients go through post surgery? Most can't even walk after. 
That's not the case though, because I know how average girls aren't as skinny as the girls you see on runways or in the magazines. That is why they are called models in the first place. They are freakishly weird people that god so happens to love more. Life is unfair, deal with it. But to go on and rave about how curvier girls are sexier than girls who are just skin and bones is just sad. It's like me, patting myself on the back and saying "It's okay. Being tall is for the stupid anyways. Who wants to be tall.", because who are we kidding? You don't see plus size models walking down the runway, and no matter how much you want to change this, it is inevitable. Girls like being slender, just as much as guys wanting to strut around looking like the douches from Jersey Shore. We all want to be attractive at some point.
Before I continue, don't get me wrong. I am not pro ana. I do not hate on fat people,just the delusional ones that are nothing but a waste of oxygen hating on people for the way they look. So what if someone looks like a gawky ten year old? The industry loves it. They make millions promoting the image, it may not be a healthy one but don't we all have brains to know what is right from wrong? I am someone who is very vocal about my thoughts because I do honestly believe in eating and being healthy despite in awe and idolizing the slender silhouettes. If you hate it, then by all means, stop reading this post. Better yet, stop visiting my blog all together. I do not make money from this blog and I am writing purely because of passion not fame or moolahs.
Back to the topic.
As cliche as this sound, I really do believe that everyone is beautiful and attractive in their own way. Of course at times there are some that make us cringe as they pass by, but really what might not seem to be pretty to us can be attractive to others. For example when I go out with my boyfriend and he comments how some girls who walk by are hot, occasionally I would have to beg to differ, (and believe me it is not due to jealousy or anything because otherwise he wouldn't be so vocal about the girls he checks out, which is one of the reason why our relationship works, unless of course if I was pms-ing). Which sometimes lead me to questioning his taste in women because some of the girls that he go for.... are so....umm...
Let's just leave it to that.
Where was I?
Oh yeah, the girls who are so into "bringing the curves back" need a lesson on the difference between "sexy" and "mammoths". Most of the girls who keep going on and on how size zeros aren't sexy need to take a hard look at themselves, because after all why the hate if there isn't any envy involved? Is it their fault that they have the will power to not stuff their faces every 2 seconds? Or that you have never worked out a day in your life? Or that you have a "disease"that makes everything taste good, and you just can't help it? Even worse quoting Lady Gaga, that "You were born this way?". Fuck it because unless you were born as a bag full of lard, you still have hope, and don't give stupid idiotic moronic excuses like it's all baby fat. First of it's called "baby fat" for a reason, you shed it the minute you lose the infant title, it doesn't stick to you when you are in your 20s. Sure we all want to look like the VS models, heck I would be greatfull if I even came close to having their boobs better yet height, but alas, you can't change it, so why not embrace it? Hit the gym, eat healthier. Your body is your temple, and unless you treat it well you will never be happy with yourselves, no matter how much you starve or put others down.
Stop complaining about what the magazines are portraying and do something. Again, I am not saying "starve yourself, you big whale", what I am trying to say is "eat healthier, workout", you will notice the difference and feel better about your body image.
Here is a tip : Try sitting down and see if you have any extra skin hanging at your sides while wearing your underwear, if you still can pinch your fat, it shows you need to work out. If you have zero fat to begin with and are lucky enough to eat almost anything you want without gaining a kilo, it is still not an excuse to avoid working up a sweat. It really helps make a difference. 
Because really, how is this not attractive?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

It's been a while since my last outfit post, and since I was taking pictures to show off my new top (weee), I decided that it would be passable for this post. Recently, I have noticed that I have made a transition toward long sleeved tops, even though these days it is impossible to wear anything but a tank top and a pair of shorts. It's so hot these days that I can't help but to bend the rules on my no sugar diet. Eating an ice cream or three is the perfect way to cool off.

My relationship with sugar isn't really a secret and I love it to the point that my day depends on it. So it may come to a surprise that after 18 years or maybe 20, I am calling it quits. Of course I am expecting the late night booty calls or sporadic hookups, but when you leave something you love you can't just leave it right away. That's crazy. It's like agreeing to give up oxygen the minute you sign a contract. Ultimately you die, and that is how it would be if I immediately ignore the sweet siren calls of everything that is sweet. I will probably foam in my mouth so much that it suffocates me to a point that my eyeballs pop out of my skull causing my death.
As much as it pains me to slowly cut ties with my love for sweet treats, I know that it is for the best. Working out more, eating healthier and reading more is a the key to becoming a wholesome person, or so I have been told. We'll see.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Valentine's day is vastly approaching and for those who are lucky enough to be basking in love on that glorious day, I wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day.
Celebrating Valentine's Day in Malaysia isn't as depressing as it would have been in let's say other countries, (namely the white countries) since most people here believe it leads to fornication.
I mean come on. It's a no brainer that the only real reason why a guy does what he does on that day is to get laid in the first place. And everyone knows the easiest way to turn your girlfriend into a wild vixen that she is, is to buy her shiny things or eat at expansive restaurants because what girl wouldn't like to be treated like a pair of tits and vaginas. It's basically the equivalent of your undying devotion to a girl. 

Religion aside it is safe to say that my expectations for the day is and forever will be very low. So don't expect me to get off on branded scarf or by whisking me away to a tropical getaway, because you are just wasting your time, or are you? To be honest if I recalled correctly, I had only celebrated the mushy occasion once; that's if you count "planning to break up with a guy to find out he bought me a necklace and end up changing my mind and breaking up with him the following week" as a way of celebrating, then yes, I only celebrated it once in my life.

Personally I have nothing against Vday, heck even with my current situation I can still find it somewhat sweet. Yes the argument of "you don't need a special day to proclaim your love" is valid but then again you wouldn't need a Birthday, Mother's Day, Teacher's Day or  Pet's Day because of how appreciative you were all year round sending people cards and presents. I am not saying that materials convey love, but just think about the people that you care and needed the reminder. They deserve to feel appreciated. It also stops them from going wild and biting other people's ears off because that is what you call common sense, people. An appreciated person is a person who you are assured will not bite your ears off as long as you keep them that way.

For those who are not celebrating Vday because they are either single/in a long distance relationship/in an imaginary relationship/in prison and still straight, here are my top 3 ideas on how to
ruin other people's day, namely couples that make you want to hurl out rainbows not because you are alone, but because they are just downright inconsiderate with their sickening happiness and holding hands and sweet banter....yuck.

#1. Go to the guy (if you're a girl, or vice versa), and say "Because of you" and walk away slowly while maintaining direct eye contact the whole time . Make sure they turn away first otherwise continue until they eventually do.
#2. Hire a musician and get them to serenade you in public. For example if you are ready to go to the grocery store, bring a musician along so that he will serenade you whilst you are doing your grocery. Choose your couple and go to the guy or girl (depending on what your sexual orientation, really) and say "Now I know why you paid for this!" and point to the Spanish guy who is still serenading you with a love song you don't quite know the meaning to.
#3. Wrap a present and shove it back to the nearest lovey dovey couple you can find. This wouldn't be so hard, on the count of couples are formed every 2 miliseconds. Do this with tip #1 to get the extra kick. Priceless I tell you.

Or the best way to cope with being alone is to give yourself the extra le sexy time, if you know what I mean. Ever notice how by adding "if you know what I mean" at the end of a statement you risk it sounding sexual, for example;
Bananas are yellow, if you know what I mean.
Rabbits are robots, if you know what I mean.
You must be from Costa Rica, if you know what I mean.
Pour the water in the cup, if you know what I mean.

Hahahaha, I need a life don't I?

Friday, January 27, 2012

To sum it all up, our trip to Langkawi was a dream and I am talking about the food, the people, the island, even shit smells better when you are on vacation. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, and I am not in the mood to start my rants, ta-dah....!