Ines Mariel

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Beautiful Bday Boy  
Just the sweetest couple you could ever meet

I love food too much not to not mention it :
Once again, my portion turned out to be much bigger than le boyfriends. 


I don't know why, but I've been realizing that unless I was doing the photography on my own... I can never seem to pose alone in front of people. I get all shy, sweaty and anxious that while everyone was trying to take an individual picture of me, I can hear Jean's voice in the background telling me to "breath"....Like I was in labor or something. You know how they stereotype Asians and their love for the camera? Well, in public, it is safe to say I manage to break that stereotype. Believe it or not anything public related scares the shit out of me. That is why on first impressions I always come off either quiet or arrogant. 

Luckily for me I did manage to salvage one decent photo of myself by reducing the flash in my pupils and preventing me from looking like the living dead. Loved this photo so much, it has become a default on my fb. Puahahahaahhaah. =)


Still, I think pictures are best taken with company. Case and point,

The coolest couple you could ever meet
Once again, Happy B'day to the wonderful person in my life. Congratulations, you are now legal to go to jail.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Those who know me would probably know my love towards food, apart from the usual things that come with an individual having a vajayjay being a girl. Don't get me wrong, like any girl out there I am constantly living with the fear of being thicker, of course, unlike most girls out there, I dismiss the thought as soon as I realized that you are an idiot if you pass the opportunity to good food.

Round 1 - Checking out a good place for le boyfriend's birthday. Wasn't too hungry, but still manage to eat.
Round 2 - Believe it or not, Breakfast :



In case you picture me as an abusive girlfriend who deprives her significant other of food, in my defense, he had two other plates of food but because they weren't nicely arranged, they weren't camera worthy. Don't blame me, I wasn't the photographer.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

A background story before I go on :
Le Boyfriend and I got into a fight the day before I was planning this, and since I hate confrontation I ignored him all night. That was when he got bored and started checking through my cell to find that I was texting with someone more than I did with him in one day. That someone, happened to be a friend whose Mum happened to own a quaint cafe called Little White Cafe (more on that later). 

Anywho, long story short since I was put on the spot and I wasn't very good under pressure, I came up with the next lie that popped out of my head. A party for my ex. Probably not my smartest move, because I ended up caving in and told him the whole plan after I saw how down he was.

It might not have been a surprise, but since in my mind I had already planned for one, I decided to go for the next best thing. To write it on the cake. Granted, it wasn't his Birthday yet, but still, who doesn't like an early celebration? I know... idiots and creepy old people

The best thing about having someone you know who happens to own a cafe is that you can ask for favors, and what better way then to personalize your own cake, eh?
Honestly, if they didn't keep an eye on me while I was at it, I would have probably piled up the cake with everything in my sight and it will end up looking like my laundry basket. It tastes better than it looks. Their recipes were the best cuz the cake turned out moist and it was just the right amount of sweet. 

Red Velvet
Had my lunch earlier when I was done with the cake and it was delish. I ordered the Veggie Lasagna and gobbled it all up even up to the burnt cheese at the side of the bowl (which, of course everyone knows is the best part...mmm.....burnt cheese). If you asked me, a meal here leaves you as satisfied as any home cooked meal leaves you, and I am not being bias just because I was hungry or that they were kind enough to let me trash their kitchen for the day. Nope, if it wasn't good, I would have probably uploaded the pictures of us posing with the cake. Like this one :

or this one : 

and ended it with a brief description and a BITE ME. which reminds me,


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Two posts in one day!
It could only mean that
a) I have such a great life going on that I can't help but to gloat share it with my non existent readers
b) I am making up for my lack of posts
c) I am procrastinating from studying.
d) All of the above.

Anyways, Baim's absence from the bowling team left us no choice but to substitute him for Jean. Not that it was a bad thing, since he managed to score the highest. Unfortunately for us, we were at the bottom of the competition. Still, everyone in the team managed to get a strike...something I know I could never do if I ever were to play...I would probably hold the record for most consecutive gutter aim and as long as the blind and the handicap don't join, it is safe to say that the title is still mine to own.

Group photo!
We actin' like bitches cuz we can.

Thanks to the lack of sleep and the ever growing pile of incomplete assignments, I was sick on the day of our Genting excuse the fuckface from yours truly
Anyways there wasn't much to do in one day, and since it was raining most of the rides were closed. We did manage to go on two of them though, so our trip wasn't really a waste. The fresh air was a good change and strange enough the cool weather helped with my sniffles.

In the cable car, the boyfriend suddenly got all "environmentalist" on me and started raving on how it was such a waste to cut down all the trees to make way for development... I get where he is coming from, but I didn't want to be a hypocrite by saying I agreed with him, since to be fair, most of the developments comprises of malls. 
It's like saying eating meat is cruel when the longest I could ever go without meat was less than a day.
or that I prefer natural beauty when I put tons of gunk on my face to hide my flaws.
or that I love being a midget fun size when 88% of the time I am in heels. 

Still, if you think about it rationally, you can't help but agree. I admit, I do too. 

Me, sulking after the fifth time being told to stand straight for the camera. Something we all know I can never do. I seriously think I have a worm problem up in my ass that inhibits my ability to stand up straight long enough for the camera. It is a disease I tell you.
Best part of the trip apart from spending the whole day with the significant other?
The samples at this shop. I came out of the shop literally full after going around it. 
Don't judge, you would do the same too.