Ines Mariel

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Two posts in one day!
It could only mean that
a) I have such a great life going on that I can't help but to gloat share it with my non existent readers
b) I am making up for my lack of posts
c) I am procrastinating from studying.
d) All of the above.

Anyways, Baim's absence from the bowling team left us no choice but to substitute him for Jean. Not that it was a bad thing, since he managed to score the highest. Unfortunately for us, we were at the bottom of the competition. Still, everyone in the team managed to get a strike...something I know I could never do if I ever were to play...I would probably hold the record for most consecutive gutter aim and as long as the blind and the handicap don't join, it is safe to say that the title is still mine to own.

Group photo!
We actin' like bitches cuz we can.


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