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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thanks to the lack of sleep and the ever growing pile of incomplete assignments, I was sick on the day of our Genting excuse the fuckface from yours truly
Anyways there wasn't much to do in one day, and since it was raining most of the rides were closed. We did manage to go on two of them though, so our trip wasn't really a waste. The fresh air was a good change and strange enough the cool weather helped with my sniffles.

In the cable car, the boyfriend suddenly got all "environmentalist" on me and started raving on how it was such a waste to cut down all the trees to make way for development... I get where he is coming from, but I didn't want to be a hypocrite by saying I agreed with him, since to be fair, most of the developments comprises of malls. 
It's like saying eating meat is cruel when the longest I could ever go without meat was less than a day.
or that I prefer natural beauty when I put tons of gunk on my face to hide my flaws.
or that I love being a midget fun size when 88% of the time I am in heels. 

Still, if you think about it rationally, you can't help but agree. I admit, I do too. 

Me, sulking after the fifth time being told to stand straight for the camera. Something we all know I can never do. I seriously think I have a worm problem up in my ass that inhibits my ability to stand up straight long enough for the camera. It is a disease I tell you.
Best part of the trip apart from spending the whole day with the significant other?
The samples at this shop. I came out of the shop literally full after going around it. 
Don't judge, you would do the same too.

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