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Thursday, December 8, 2011

A background story before I go on :
Le Boyfriend and I got into a fight the day before I was planning this, and since I hate confrontation I ignored him all night. That was when he got bored and started checking through my cell to find that I was texting with someone more than I did with him in one day. That someone, happened to be a friend whose Mum happened to own a quaint cafe called Little White Cafe (more on that later). 

Anywho, long story short since I was put on the spot and I wasn't very good under pressure, I came up with the next lie that popped out of my head. A party for my ex. Probably not my smartest move, because I ended up caving in and told him the whole plan after I saw how down he was.

It might not have been a surprise, but since in my mind I had already planned for one, I decided to go for the next best thing. To write it on the cake. Granted, it wasn't his Birthday yet, but still, who doesn't like an early celebration? I know... idiots and creepy old people

The best thing about having someone you know who happens to own a cafe is that you can ask for favors, and what better way then to personalize your own cake, eh?
Honestly, if they didn't keep an eye on me while I was at it, I would have probably piled up the cake with everything in my sight and it will end up looking like my laundry basket. It tastes better than it looks. Their recipes were the best cuz the cake turned out moist and it was just the right amount of sweet. 

Red Velvet
Had my lunch earlier when I was done with the cake and it was delish. I ordered the Veggie Lasagna and gobbled it all up even up to the burnt cheese at the side of the bowl (which, of course everyone knows is the best part...mmm.....burnt cheese). If you asked me, a meal here leaves you as satisfied as any home cooked meal leaves you, and I am not being bias just because I was hungry or that they were kind enough to let me trash their kitchen for the day. Nope, if it wasn't good, I would have probably uploaded the pictures of us posing with the cake. Like this one :

or this one : 

and ended it with a brief description and a BITE ME. which reminds me,


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