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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Every now and then I get the ocassional questions about my looks, and who do I take up after. Without fail I would be struggling with an answer because of my uncertainty. Honestly adoption jokes aside, I don't think I look anything like my parents. The toddler version of me resembled most of my Dad during his skinny years and when I was about 7 or 8 I looked like my Mum. And then I got fat and my Mum referred me as the lovechild of an Ah Long and the lady who sells vegetables at the night market. -___-" Which explains not only her sadistic humour, but mine as well. Thanks Mum.
Flash forward to present day, somehow my looks differ from the norm of my parents and I look neither like my Dad, my Mum or a nationality for that matter. I don't look Chinese. I don't look Malay. Nor do I pass as a Caucasian. So whatthefuckam I? 
I am still trying to find out what ethnicity I could fit into and then go on with my life lying about my heritage but it's no use. Call it motherly instincts, my Mum would always know when to push my buttons, and she is effortlessly punctual especially when I am having one of those days. It amazes me really. My Mum would often tell me how weird looking I was and that if I were taller I would have been the face of Benetton. Her compliments are weird because somewhat they come across as degrading, which is a talent come to think about it. Like how when I was fat she used to call me "Budak Tetek Besar" and told me to take it as a good thing. I was 12 at that time, and it didn't occur to me that it was a form of sexual harassment, mind you I woud have sued the shit out of my Mum if it wasn't for her cooking. Anyways, because of that I have a minute fear of having boobs. Again, thanks Mum.
Still, given a choice, I would not want to look any different. Unless, if god asked me if I would like to swap my face with Vanessa Hudgens, in which I would probably get a heart attack from joy and end up waking up in Hell. booo.

You know how they say if you want to see how a person ages all you have to do is look at their parents?
Guess I will never know. 
On a completely unrelated note...
Wasn't too sure on what to wear that day, and finally decided to go with the simpler outfit. 
Life's hard. 


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Good news. Came back and found my camera unharmed on my study table.
Heee...Which only leads us to my outfit shots.

Was feeling princess-sy, and noticed that most of my clothings in my wardrobe were either black or floral printed. -___-" A little bit more raiding and I finally concluded that my choice of clothings like me, need some growing up. 
FML, can't believe I am going to be 20
Here is a snippet of a lyric from my current favourite song. Funny how I can relate to this;

He was young, he was hot,
he made me feel alive.
so in love I was falling,
ooh, it’s early morning.

He took me in his hands
and squeezed me real tight.
I was humbled and so joyful
depending on this guy;
he didn’t last very long
a week or maybe two.
when he called me on the phone
saying baby I don’t love you.

Just another one-way love
always giving never getting.
And now I feel so stupid
it’s like a deja vu


Friday, February 11, 2011

Ironically my previous post was about how I preferred hanging out with Guys as oppose to Girls.Well as much as I do prefer, please note that this does not mean I intend to stop hanging out with girls anytime soon. I do have some, who I go on occasional outings with, for example my current housemates. And just for rectification for some of you who are in a state of confusion right now, these are not the same "dearest" old housemates from hell. My current housemates do not own a cat and they do know a thing or two about hygiene. Thank god.

Anyways, here are pics of our night. As much as I love explaining what we were doing in each one, I am sure you can figure out how much fun we had.
Ain, Albar, Dahlia and Moi
(Alya is the one taking the pic of us)

We slept at 2. Way past my bedtime.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

It’s been a while since my last prattle and despite my awe-inspiring ability to come up with jibberish in 5 milliseconds flat, I haven’t been finding enough time to actually sit down in front of the computer  and conjure up, in my opinion; a decent blog post.
Not until I started Uni that I realized I have come a long way since my acne adolescent years. From hairstyles to wardrobe to genres of music, I find myself listing down only a handful of things that remained the same like my love for chocolates or Britney Spears. 
Favourites and priorities I never thought would change somehow subconsciously did for me throughout the years, and even though I hate admitting it, I know I have grown up. For instance I would never be caught dead  watching reruns of Lizzie Mcguire or come to my senses that getting a boyfriend isn’t as fulfilling as I thought back when I was a pudgy sixth grader and as for the circle of friends I made back then, they aren’t exactly the same as the ones I currently have. 
Ever since I started boarding school most of my good friends were girls. Often do I come across dim-witts who come up with the impression that I surround myself with dumb booze drinking loud mouth party chicks just because that is their notion of me and personally I am offended. Contrary to popular speculating beliefs, I choose my friends and it is safe to say that they are very much educated as well as morally and religiously integrated girls thank you very much.
These days I find myself longing for the companionship of a female like I did back in highschool, and even though I had a brief friendship in Uni a while back, I never really regretted calling her my best friend, but that’s a different story. 
Anyways,  I hate it when people think I purposely surround myself with guys as if I had the luxury of making it a lifestyle choice in the first place. Too many times have I mentioned that my Uni is a friggin sausage fest, and for some who still can’t manage to interpret what that means, please don’t hesitate to shoot yourself.
Even though I would never in a gajillion years give up my old girl friends, I must admit that having male companions does have its perks and indeed I have come a long way since my shy timid teenage years of having a close knit group of girlfriends. 
Needless to say I would never trade my new friends either because spending 85% of my time on campus has made each of us closer and life would be less bearable without them. Plus, if I ever did I would probably end up walking alone in the hallways.
With every cloud there is a silver lining and even though I am not a big fan of seeing the glass as half full, the odds are against me as each semester breezes through faster than the last.

So here are my reasons why I prefer to hang out with my Guy Friends rather than the Girls I have just been acquainted with.

1. They Don't Judge
I could tell them that I stand while I pee and despite the cringes and the awkward pause, they would still be my friends without judging the fact that I don't have the proper instrument for a stunt like that. Or in my case they would forget that I was a girl in the first place and reply "So?".

2.We Eat At Same Speed
The thing about me is I hate waiting for people, especially when I am done with my meal and they are still halfway through theirs. The one thing I don't understand is why can't some girls eat faster? They talk a lot more than the average male, I am sure that is enough to maintain the stamina of the jaw.

3.We Eat, period.
I hate girls who complain that they are fat right after a meal. Most of the girls who do don't even have meat in the first place. I know that I am guilty of that, but hearing someone doing the same is irritating. Therefore being the only girl in the group, I wouldn't have to hear the guys complain about packing a few kilos, which makes the whole experience of eating that much more enjoyable. I love food. Surrounding myself with people of the same adoration makes my adrenaline pump and my eyes roll  to the back of my head with pleasure at each bite of my food.
If the scenario, were to however involve a fat chick complaining about her waist I would be in a real dilemma. Do I tell her that she is a whale slightly overweight? Or do I deny it?

4. Honestly Honest
Which brings me to the fourth point. You can always count on a guy to be brutally honest, because dudes will express their point of views. I like that about guys. If you don't want to know the truth, why bother asking for an expecting answer? You are better off talking in front of the mirror and showering yourselves with things you want to hear. Of course, people who practice this will end up in an asylum. True story.

5. Drama? Nooooo
 You can never intentionally offend your guy friends. I tried on various occasions and it was an epic fail, eventually it all ends the same; banters amongst each other lasts as long as the day does. There are once or twice that we do hurt each other's feelings mind you boys aren't just a walking pair of balls, but it ends in ways far more civilized than girls. No backstabbing. No lying. No payback.

6. We Share The Same Sense of Humour.
As much as this scares me it is a good thing too. None of us are easily offended and despite how lame, stupid or vulgar the inside joke is, it never fails to leave me laughing. Most girls don't get my humour, and as much as I love my old girlfriends, I can't just tell them a sex joke and expect the to roll on the floor laughing. It would be awkward, and I would probably get "the look".

7. Boys tell you about boys.
After all who better to know the opposite sex than the opposite sex themselves. Numerous occasions do they help me decipher the complicated species, and even though I know they secretly feel like sawing their ears off with my problems, they are always there to listen without fail.

So if you ask me why I am mostly surrounded with guys and not girls? Ignore the fact that I am taking engineering, you did before anyways. These are my reasons but it doesn't mean I would give up a day of hanging with any of my girl besties otherwise I would have to make do with my Mum being my bridesmaid. The horror I tell you.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

I love them

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Met Qissy-Poo
Since Mum stole took my camera behind my back there won't be any new pictures of my outfits until she returns it. Which means, no outfit post until she releases it from hostage.
I am currently in a love-hate relationship with my bangs. I don't know how this is going to help me look mature or make people take me more seriously, but oh well, hair will grow. That I am sure of.

I think I am starting to have cavities from all the sugary goodness I've been consuming. 
Macaroons, Ice-Cream, Frozen yoghurt, Cakes, Chocolates and Cookies and Mum is starting to get worried for both my teeth and health.

Sago Santan - all time fav Malaysian dessert