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Friday, February 11, 2011

Ironically my previous post was about how I preferred hanging out with Guys as oppose to Girls.Well as much as I do prefer, please note that this does not mean I intend to stop hanging out with girls anytime soon. I do have some, who I go on occasional outings with, for example my current housemates. And just for rectification for some of you who are in a state of confusion right now, these are not the same "dearest" old housemates from hell. My current housemates do not own a cat and they do know a thing or two about hygiene. Thank god.

Anyways, here are pics of our night. As much as I love explaining what we were doing in each one, I am sure you can figure out how much fun we had.
Ain, Albar, Dahlia and Moi
(Alya is the one taking the pic of us)

We slept at 2. Way past my bedtime.

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