Ines Mariel

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I read somewhere that one of the most essential piece of clothing in a woman's wardrobe is  

a well fitted coat.

It could be the models gracing the pages or the colourful fonts they used, either way I knew I had to own one and have been obsessing eversince...... 
So..... imagine my joy when I found one that complimented my petite frame perfectly. A useful reminder before some of you embark on the coat searching journey

1. And I can't believe I am saying this but, Patience is virtue.It may take a while to find "the coat" but trust me it is worth  the wait.
2. Prepare your money. This advice is useful for those who are in the same state of broke as I am. Be prepared to make the investment, because a good coat can help you go through any fashion disaster. And If you lucky bitches do have the money, why stop at one? buy one of every colour you lucky whores.
3. Neutrals are the safest. You don't have to be bold because in this case you would want to make full use of said coat, therefore by buying one in a neutral colour, your options will be endless. Pastels are good but please please please stay away from black/white. White for obvious reasons - they get easily dirty while Black is just too dull....unless you are forty somthing, than that would be a smart choice..

Good Luck!


Anonymous said...

hey ines ;) since its been a longtime from ur beauty post, why not have a post on all of your beauty products, perfumes etc

Ines Mariel said...

@Anonymous I would love to... but my skin regime changes waaaay to often, and I would hate my readers to follow in my footsteps just because 1) a lot, and do I mean A LOT of money is consumed over my love for beauty products 2) I never stick to a regime. -___-"

Anonymous said...

okay so how about a perfume colection tour? that'd be interesting and refreshing

Ines Mariel said...

@anonymous ill keep that in mind. heee I am swamped with Uni that my blog looks so mundane