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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Whats up my pretties? 
Sorry for the week long hiatus, and I have a very very very good excuse for it.
Here goes; 
Unfortunately for me I bought the wrong type of batteries for my camera. I didn't even know there were such things because as far as I know it is only the sizes that matters. Anyways without batteries for my camera there won't be any updates on my outfits, therefore not much materials to post on my blog......until, it suddenly occured to me that I can blog the stuff I have been doing whilst on my semester break.
Initially, looking for a job was on top of my list but unfortunately for me I can never stick around long enough for one; hence it's a waste of time. Plus no one is going to pay you if you only work for two weeks, in case some of you ever thought of bailing out after two weeks of work like I did. -_______________________-

Anywho, with all the spare time in the world on my hands I decided to do what I do best; concentrate on my vanity and boost my ego. Then again, what self respecting girl doesn't? I really do believe that there is no such thing as an ugly girl, only lazy ones. True, you might not strike a pot of gold in the genetics department, but who says you can't fake it? So yes, the solution?
Madonna, Britney Spears and Prince all went through countless reinventions to upgrade themselves and I say it is a good enough advice to be taken by us mere mortals. There are numerous ways of upgrading your look, whether it is semi permanent like getting a new hair do or a lifetime decision like a tattoo. 
Funny that I mentioned that because way hay, I took the plunge and did both, and I am loving it.

I has a tattoo, now I is cool ya'all

My kitty tattoo upclose, in case you were wondering

Aren't these just the best reinvention? I love love love that I finally took the plunge and coloured my hair red.
So how are you guys going to upgrade yourselves? After all there is always a better improvement for a better you. So wether it is the hairstyle ou have been dying to try but never had the guts. Or the piercing on the lower lip that you find utterly attractive yet ridiculously useless. I say take the plunge and just do it. After all you only live once.

And if you are a big of a chicken as I am and would rather not go for permanent changes, do what I do and fake it. Spoiler alert : The hair coour only lasts 28 washes, and the tattoo is a fake one in case I change my mind and want a flower or a dinasour instead. We all know how fickle minded I can get. Puahahhahha


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