Ines Mariel

Saturday, April 2, 2011

I absolutely adore colours... especially ones that just seem to 

I might be way behind this trend, but I noticed there has been a lot of colour blocking going on. Colour blocking is if I am not mistaken, is a method of mixing and matching different colours that stand out into your outfit to create a whole different look. 

Think emerald green with royal purple or electrifying orange with a romantic red.

The pictures I took don't do me any justice thanks to the crappy camera, but imagine my shoe in a much brighter shade of greenish-blue, it really stands out in real life, and I just love the gold colour at the side of it.

Here is a better example of colour blocking by the The Man Repeller herself;

How genius is that? So is this look a yay or a nay?



Anonymous said...

its a yay!
love the fresh new look it brings.
its kinda common now

Ines Mariel said...

@anonymous thanks... I am a little bit far behind the fashion wagon arent i? lol