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Monday, May 2, 2011

For the sake of updates, I recently attended a wedding. And thank god it was tastefully done. By "tastefully" what I really meant was ;

a) It was done indoors. 
I absolu-fuckinly hate basking under the sun, let alone being covered under a blanket of heat. That, and to be honest not the biggest fan of marriages and what it represents. So to be stuck in the middle of a matrimony sweating like a pig is just one of the many awful scenarios I could think off. This is number #623.

b) It was well ventilated and most importantly, air conditioned
Case in point. I hate sweating mainly because of the stickyness that comes after. Therefore even if it was done indoors and they were still too cheap to pay for proper air conditioning, it would still be considered as a bad wedding in my book. Just saying.

c) The wedding theme was nice and not OTT done.
Themes include the decor, food and most importantly revolves around the wedding gown. 
By "just nice" I am pointing out to all delusional people out there who think they can pull off the cheap looking colours on even cheaper fabric. For example if you really wanted to wear gold, don't settle for canary yellow, it is your wedding after all, (unless you are planning for another one, by all means make all the mistakes you want). And for those of you who are eager to retaliate by stating the price of your repugnant pathetic excuse of a wedding gown, behold you are living proof that "money can't buy style"

So yes, the wedding was very nicely done, and I am not just being bias because the bride is related to my best friend.
I would go on and write about how my dream wedding would be, but I haven't really thought it through yet. All I know is it would be a very small and private ceremony. 
No kompangs. No sparkly oversized flowers. No boiled eggs. No flicking me with water.
No whatever you do in a traditional Malay/Chinese/Indian wedding.

Just me in a simple white gown,

my significant other, 
a handful of the most important people in our lives, 
a custom made cake that complements the flowers around the ceremony, 

and a harp playing in the background. 
(even though I am not a fan of marriages, I still am a fan of weddings - at least mine to be exact)


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Anonymous said...

u should marry an american or english men then, they surely can make this so called 'fairy tale wedding' of your come true