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Sunday, May 15, 2011

 Pui Yee and I camwhoring while celebrating my birthday. 
Yes people, I am officially 20!

Initially I was all psyched to complain about my horrible first week in Uni, but after a few days of breather and away from all things negative, I find myself despite being broke....happy.
Like when I started off the week withdrawing some money to pay the house rent, to find that there was a glitch in the system and instead of paying my rent, I am *** ringgit poorer for no apparent reason. Freaked out, I called the bank and even though they assured me that they will eventually reverse the money, it might take 2 to 3 months to do so.
I thought by then, my week couldn't get any worse. Unfortunately this is my life we are talking about, so crap like these aren't put to a halt so soon. No sireeee.
They multiply into bigger pile of crap and little did I know, this week somehow turned out to be a series of test on my patience and virtue. In a way it could also possibly pass as a very good pitch for a comedy skit.

Before I continue, I would really like to thank my friends for playing a huge role to my many failed suicidal attempts, because without them I would probably be burning in hell as we speak.

Like when I got back from my class to find a huge red gash on Navid
(I love that I name my car after a jew, I feel so ethical bahahahaha).

Words just couldn't delineate how I felt at that moment, and as a matter of fact, when I called my friends, none of them could quite make out what I was wailing about except for the general profanities that one could probably be slurring their heads off and still be comprehended.
All I could remember at that moment was a continuous ringing in my ears and the only way I knew how to stop it was to set the cars around me on fire and jump in the fiery flames, and I end up kicking the bucket with a bang, and possibly 5 or 6 people cursing me in the grave for setting their cars on fire.
Fortunately for me, I mustered whatever sanity I had left and drove away from the situation while I waited for my lovely, lovely, lovely bros who waited for the appropriate time (the next day) to tease me about my bawls.

I repaired Navid the following day, but as I mentioned several times before, am definitely a believer in Karma because long story short, I now know what it's like to be on the other other side of a hit and run.
After the accident, my will to live was short mostly because of the somber sight that is my bank balance.
Plus it didn't help that I was fined by Uniten for thinking that I own the parking spaces there. -___-"

Point is, no matter how unlucky you think your week was or how many times you fantasize about diving off your building floor each time you look at your bank balance, always bear in mind to quickly slap yourself hard on the face and resort to the only rational and effective thing you last think off.
Turning to your family. 
And for me, my friends are like my family, and thanks to them, I made it through the week without a scratch on my body and a hole in my pocket.

That and starbucks. There is something very therapeutic about drinking that miracle elixir in disguise. If ever I was having a crappy day with only 20 ringgit to last me for a week, this would be my pick me up.

The same day that I was dealing with Navid's misfortune, Adeeb called me up for an outing with Noryang who just got back from the States. 
True story : As soon as I saw them all financial woes were forgotten 
(bahahahah I wish, but it did do me justice to get out of the house).

My eyes looks swollen, I know
Highschool reunion, pretty awkward since i only knew 5 of them.
So yes, suicidal attempts 0. Friends 1. Looks like a pretty stiff competition if you asked me.


Sesumpah said...

happy belated birthday iness gedikss

i love you though i'm not there fr you. eceh !

all the best :D

Ines Mariel said...

@sesumpah thank u dear. takpe yg penting ko sayang aku