Ines Mariel

Saturday, February 18, 2012

One of the downside of exercising and toning up is the anticipation of fat loss. I am a person who burns fat easily with what my "rigorous" workouts that my new shorts don't fit me as well as it did when I bought them two weeks back.  That's RM100 down the drain for ya, unless there is someone out there who can fit into a size 4. I am currently a size 2 now. Losing ass mass, which is far from what I want. =(

On a lighter note, my love for blinged things is still going strong. That is why I have a pair of blinged earphones. That's how hip-hop I am, son.


Anonymous said...

love the close up photo
cant wait for more

Ines Mariel said...

thank you. I try, tho with very little clothes in my closet