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Sunday, September 11, 2011

"Ahh hair"
If I had the choice I would never be caught dead in a pair of jeans or anything long for that matter. Because height is a very sensitive issue for me I feel it cuts off what little length I have of my legs. So you can tell that its pretty unorthodox for me to wear one for the day especially since I am no where near my Uni campus.

Blowing it away from my face, is the pouting too much?
I did at one point in my life swore to lay off the shorts and skirts and start wearing more pants. You should have seen the amount of jeans I bought, I even stopped shaving my legs to discourage me from wearing anything above the knee, so you have to give me an A for effort.
Unfortunately my ambition of wearing pants more often was short live and I started to shave my legs back. Occasionally I do put on my favourite pair of jeans case and point, today (to be honest they were jeggings) just so they don't feel unloved and unwanted. Trust me, jeans have feelings too.

The "I got hair off my face" pose
And hey, sometimes they aren't that all bad....
I call this, "The Squating Confused Monkey". Genius
.....Of course thank god heels existed with it.

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ada boyfriend tak?