Ines Mariel

Sunday, September 4, 2011

I am no Katy Perry, but I do share the same amount of love towards colours and idiosyncrasies. Case and point, the outfit of the day. At times, (or maybe all the time) I love the eye popping nature of my closet which consists of colours rather than the basic black and white. Till this very day, due to my goth-punk-emo phase or whatever you called it because I was a poser, my closet still consists of unworn clothes that I got for Christmas during my preteens which pretty much explains the candy cane hues. My fondness for colours however, quickly grew with me and I find myself constantly pairing bold colours with quirky patterns - another obsession of mine these days.

Failed attempt at whipping my hair back and forth ala Willow Smith
Some may cringe at my choices, but what can I say. Different people have different tastes, and who knows I might change mine in the future.