Ines Mariel

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Beautiful Bday Boy  
Just the sweetest couple you could ever meet

I love food too much not to not mention it :
Once again, my portion turned out to be much bigger than le boyfriends. 


I don't know why, but I've been realizing that unless I was doing the photography on my own... I can never seem to pose alone in front of people. I get all shy, sweaty and anxious that while everyone was trying to take an individual picture of me, I can hear Jean's voice in the background telling me to "breath"....Like I was in labor or something. You know how they stereotype Asians and their love for the camera? Well, in public, it is safe to say I manage to break that stereotype. Believe it or not anything public related scares the shit out of me. That is why on first impressions I always come off either quiet or arrogant. 

Luckily for me I did manage to salvage one decent photo of myself by reducing the flash in my pupils and preventing me from looking like the living dead. Loved this photo so much, it has become a default on my fb. Puahahahaahhaah. =)


Still, I think pictures are best taken with company. Case and point,

The coolest couple you could ever meet
Once again, Happy B'day to the wonderful person in my life. Congratulations, you are now legal to go to jail.


yayang.saira said...

So happy for you girl♥
Btw, I hate them shoes. Lawa sgt. :(

Ines Mariel said...

just got back frm class and straight to the laptop. thanku girl. on cloud 9 rite now

Anonymous said...

Wonderful person in my life right now konon. Nanti dia balik perancis padan muka kau!! Dia ajelah mat salleh yg kau akan dpt. Lepas ni back to normal boring life ko kat kuniten. Attention seeker!!!

Ines Mariel said...

What is up in your ASS? Is your life really that SAD to care so much about mine? I am taking a wild guess that maybe you weren't hugged enough when you were little, or a series of unfortunate events in your life was triggered by other peoples' happiness ie mine.. whatever it is, I'll do you a favour that will ease your restless soul.
I won't retaliate to your comments or fight back, heck you can post all the hate comments you want in my blog if that is the highlight of your day. And you know why I am so glad to do so? Because I am sure someone like you, with so much interests in what I do or who I date need the boost of self esteem so much that I could easily understand why you don't have the balls to confront me and would want to hide behind anonymity.

P/s : stop making his ethnicity such a big deal. He is not an accessory, his race and how he looks does not affect our relationship. He could be an albino for all I care, and if we have that chemistry now, what matters? I would go on that and incorporate it with your life, but I am afraid that might just kick you to the curb. I do not want to be responsible for your actions. Happy New Year. Cheer up, its goign to be a better year for you. If its not, don't worry, it's gonna end anyways.

Anonymous said...

love pic #7! u're beautiful!